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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hamilton, OH

People facing serious financial trouble often hesitate to act because they don’t know where to turn for help. The Law Office of R. Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law helps people in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding areas find debt relief solutions. Whether you are facing foreclosure, mounting medical bills, or dealing with constant telephone calls from creditors, we will work with you to eliminate or restructure your debt.


There are many situations that cause a hardworking person to have more debt than they can manage with their income. If a job loss, reduction in income, serious illness, divorce, or another situation has resulted in an inability to make your monthly payments, bankruptcy may be the right solution. Let a bankruptcy attorney from our firm provide the information you need to make a decision regarding filing for bankruptcy.


Although the bankruptcy process can feel confusing, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you work with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. We will explain the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the process and requirements for each type of bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy attorney will evaluate your financial situation and help you make important decisions.


At the Law Office of R. Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law, we work closely with our clients in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding areas throughout the bankruptcy process. We will explain what to expect, assess the situation, and guide you and answer your questions. Please browse our website to read more about bankruptcy and contact our office today at 513-868-1500.